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Volkswagen Polo Owners Manual: Information stored in the control units

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

Your vehicle is factory fitted with electronic control units which are responsible for engine and gearbox management. The control units also monitor the function of the exhaust system and the airbags.

These electronic control units continuously evaluate data relevant to the vehicle while the vehicle is being driven. Only these data will be stored if there are any faults recorded or any deviations from the specified values. This is generally displayed by the indicator lamps on the instrument cluster.

Special units are required to read and evaluate data stored in the control units.

These data are stored so that specialist workshops can diagnose and solve problems. The following data may have been stored:

The control units never record conversations that take place in the vehicle. It is neither possible nor permitted to use the stored data to create movement profiles.

When the vehicle is being used, situations may arise in which the stored data (alone or in conjunction with other information such as accident reports, vehicle damage, witness statements etc.) can become assignable to a particular person, whereby consultation of an expert and use of the expert's information may be necessary.

In vehicles with an emergency call function via a mobile telephone or other units, the current location can be transmitted. In the event of an accident in which the control units register that an airbag has been triggered, the system can automatically send out a signal. This depends on your service provider. Transmission is possible only in areas with a sufficiently strong mobile telephone signal.

Additional functions that are contractually agreed with the customer, e.g. vehicle positioning in an emergency, allow certain vehicle data to be transmitted from the vehicle.

Event data recorder

The vehicle is not fitted with an event data recorder.

Event data recorders temporarily store vehicle information. This provides precise information in the event of an accident. In vehicles with an airbag system, data that might be relevant in the event of an accident can be stored, e.g. impact speed, belt buckle status, seat positions and trigger speed. The scope of the data is manufacturer-specific.

An event data recorder may only be fitted if the owner has approved the procedure. This is covered by legislation in some countries.

Reprogramming control units

All data for the control of components are stored in the control units. Some convenience functions, such as lane change flash, single door unlocking and displays, can be reprogrammed using special workshop equipment. If this is the case, the descriptions in your vehicle wallet will no longer correspond with the original functions. Volkswagen recommends that you have any reprogramming confirmed in the service schedule under Workshop comments.

Information about possible reprogramming can be obtained from the Volkswagen dealership.

Reading the vehicle's event memory

There is a diagnostic interface for reading the event memories in the vehicle interior . Data relating to the function and status of the electronic control units are stored in the event memory. Additional information on the stored data is available from qualified workshops.

The diagnosis interface is located in the footwell on the driver side behind a cover next to the lever for opening the bonnet.

The event memory should only be read and reset by a qualified workshop.

After a fault has been rectified, the information in the memory pertaining to the fault is deleted. Other memory content is overwritten on an ongoing basis.


Incorrect use of the diagnostic interface can cause faults, which can result in accidents and serious injuries.
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