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Volkswagen Polo Owners Manual: Rain/light sensor

Fig. 75 Windscreen wiper lever: setting the rain/light sensor Ⓐ

Fig. 76 Sensitive surface of the rain/light sensor

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

When the rain/light sensor is activated, it automatically controls the frequency of the wiper intervals, depending on the intensity of the rain . The sensitivity of the rain/light sensor can be adjusted manually. Manual wipe .

Push the lever to the desired position :

  1. The rain/light sensor is deactivated.
  2. The rain/light sensor is active – automatic wipe when necessary.
  3. Setting the sensitivity of the rain/light sensor:

    • Switch to the right – high sensitivity.
    • Switch to the left – low sensitivity.

The rain/light sensor will remain active after the ignition is switched off and back on again and will function again if the windscreen wiper lever is in position ① and if the vehicle is travelling at speeds higher than 16 km/h (10 mph).

Changes in the activation of the rain/light sensor

Possible causes for faults and misinterpretations relating to the sensitive surface of the rain/light sensor might include:


The rain/light sensor cannot always detect every rain shower and activate the windscreen wipers.

Clean the sensitive surface of the rain/light sensor (arrow) at regular intervals and inspect the wiper blades for damage.

We recommend that you use an alcohol-based glass cleaner to remove wax and polish.

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