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Volkswagen Polo Service & Repair Manual: Overview - Wheel, Standard

Overview - Wheel, Standard

1 -  Wheel
Installing the wheel. Refer to → Chapter „Wheel, Mounting“.
2 -  Wheel Bolts
There are different versions. Refer to → Chapter „Wheel Bolts“.
3 -  Tires
Refer to → Chapter „Tire Information“
4 -  Valve/Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor
Always replace the valve
Only use a new valve. Refer to the Parts Catalog.
Refer to → Chapter „Tire Pressure Sensor“
5 -  Rim
Note assembly instructions. Refer to → Chapter „Tires, Mounting“.
Refer to → Chapter „Rim Information“
Refer to → Chapter „Overview - Rim“
6 -  Adhesive Balancing Weights
Maximum 60 grams per rim flange permitted
Clean wheel where it will be adhered so it is free of dirt and grease
Remove protective film.
Attach balance weights to intended surfaces.
7 -  Anti-Theft Wheel Bolts
Note assembly instructions. Refer to → Chapter „Wheel Bolts“.
Operating. Refer to → Fig. „“Anti-Theft Wheel Bolts”“
8 -  Adapter for the Anti-Theft Lockable Wheel Bolt
Place on wheel bolt. Refer to → Fig. „“Anti-Theft Wheel Bolts”“
9 -  Anti-Theft Wheel Bolt Cap
10 -  Wheel Bolt Cap
11 -  Wheel Bolts
Tightening specification. Refer to → Suspension, Wheels, Steering; Rep. Gr.44.
Make sure the correct wheel bolts are installed. Refer to the Parts Catalog.
Note assembly instructions. Refer to → Chapter „Wheel Bolts“.
12 -  Hub Cap
Removing and Installing. Refer to → Chapter „Hub Cap for Alloy Wheels with Open Threaded Connection, Removing and Installing“.
Component Overview

Overview - Wheel, RAX
1 -  Wheel Installing the wheel. Refer to → Chapter „Wheel, Mounting“. 2 -  Wheel Bolts There a ...

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