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Volkswagen Polo Owners Manual: Main menu

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

Menu Function See
MFD Information and settings for the multifunction display (MFD).
Audio Station display in radio mode.
Track display in CD mode.
Track display in media mode.
⇒ BookletRadio , or ⇒ BookletNavigation system,
Navigation Information messages when the navigation system is switched on:
Turning arrows and proximity bars will be shown if the route guidance function is active. The screen is similar to the symbols shown in the navigation system.
The direction of travel (compass) and the name of the current street will be shown if the route guidance function is not active.
⇒ BookletNavigation system,
Phone Information and settings for the provision for mobile telephone. ⇒ BookletProvision for mobile telephone,
Veh. status Current warning and information texts.
The menu option appears only if there are current warning or information texts. The number of announcements will be shown in the display. Example: 1/1 or 2/2.
Settings Various settings for time, speed warning for winter tyres, language and units.
Using the menus in the instrument cluster
Fig. 13 Vehicles without multifunction steering wheel: press button ① in the windscreen wiper lever to confirm the menu point and rocker switch ② to change the menu Fig. 14 Vehicles with mul ...

MFD (multifunction display) menu
First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings The multifunction display (MFD) is equipped with two automatic memories: 1 - Trip memory and 2 - Total journey memory. The ...

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