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Volkswagen Polo Owners Manual: Instrument overview

Fig. 10 Instrument cluster in the dash panel: type 1

Fig. 11 Instrument cluster in the dash panel: type 2

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

Descriptions of the instruments or :

  1. Rev. counter (running engine speed in revolutions x 1,000 per minute).

    The start of the red zone on the dial indicates the maximum engine speed that may be used in each gear when the engine is warm and after it has been run in properly. You should change up a gear or move the selector lever to D (or lift your foot off the accelerator) before the needle reaches the red zone .

  2. Displays .
  3. Speedometer
  4. Setting button for the clock 1).
  5. Reset button for the trip recorder display (trip).

    • Press the  button to reset to 0.
  6. Engine coolant temperature display or Autogas fuel tank display in vehicles with autogas engine .
  7. Fuel gauge .


Changing up a gear early will help to save fuel and minimise engine noise.

The fuel gauge is located in the lower field of the display or in the speedometer .

1) In some versions of the vehicle, it may be possible to adjust the clock settings using the Settings menu on the instrument cluster display .

When the outside temperature is low, the display in the instrument cluster may take slightly longer to appear than it does when the outside temperatures is higher. Additional information and wa ...

Fig. 12 A: bonnet open, B: tailgate open, C: front left door open, D: right rear door open (only in four-door vehicles) First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings ...

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