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Volkswagen Polo Owners Manual: Car-Net services

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

Telematic services (Car-Net), referred to hereafter as Car-Net services, encompass both information services such as extended navigation services, and vehicle-related services such as vehicle status, emergency and breakdown services, convenience operation functions.

The network signal required for Car-Net services is provided either via a factory-fitted control unit with integrated SIM card or directly via the owner's mobile device (e.g. mobile telephone, SIM card reader). This network signal allows Car-Net services to receive data online, pass on vehicle data online and transmit additional information, new functions or extended vehicle functions. Car-Net offers the driver or user support functions based on vehicle data together with data obtained from the internet and IT systems.

Use of Car-Net and the necessary mobile network connection may be subject to a fee. Due to high volume of data possible Volkswagen recommends using a mobile phone tariff which includes a data flatrate. For more information contact your mobile phone provider.

Depending on the service, Car-Net can be operated via the factory-fitted radio, navigation system (navigation system or radio, navigation system) mobile equipment or via an internet portal (www.volkswagen.com/car-net). Usually the internet portal is accessed using an internet browser.


Car-Net services can be subject to a limited period or changed, set, deactivated, reactivated and expanded without prior notice.

Content, scope and provider of Car-Net services can vary. They may also be specific to the vehicle and country/market. Some Car-Net services also depend on availability of service offered by third parties.

Car-Net services can be subject to region-specific limitations. This means that a service cannot be available in every part of the country. This applies is particular to large countries such as China or Russia. Availability also depends on the network coverage in each country.

Determining the current vehicle position

Some Car-Net services require the exact location of the vehicle in order to provide functions. Depending on the service installed the current vehicle position will be transmitted to the service provider. The driver can choose this option or this will take place automatically. When automatic transmission is selected, the current location can also be transmitted at regular intervals.

Lending or selling the vehicle to others

When the vehicle is being sold or lent, the owner or rental/leasing firm must inform the purchasing or lending party about Car-Net installed in the vehicle and its functions.


The following situations could lead to the interruption of a download or operation of Car-Net services or impairment of one of the services which has been installed:

Exchanging your system

If the factory-fitted radio or navigation system or control unit is damaged for the Car-Net services or must be exchanged, go to a qualified workshop. This may require registering or activating the Car-Net services again.

Necessary registration

Use of Car-Net services requires registration, authentication and a contractual activation. Further information can be obtained at (www.volkswagen.com/car-net) or at a Volkswagen dealership.

Volkswagen recommends seeking advice from a Volkswagen dealership before using and activating Car-Net services. Your Volkswagen dealership can provide information on the country-specific range of services and the compatibility of the radio or navigation systems.

If a Car-Net service is activated for a vehicle, the person who has entered into the mobile phone contract is obliged to provide information to each driver of the vehicle regarding the transmission and reception of data in the interest of data protection. Depending on the services activated, any relevant information must also be given to the driver.

Volkswagen collects, processes, transmits and uses personal data entered by the user within the framework of legal regulations for the purpose of smooth functioning of individual Car-Net services and their provision. Data is not forwarded to third parties. Current terms of use can be found at www.volkswagen.com/car-net.

Car-Net services is a system based on a mobile network. If a fault arises despite the fact that all requirements have been fulfilled, please try using the services again at a later stage.

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