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Volkswagen Polo Owners Manual: Front airbags

Fig. 56 Location and deployment zone of the driver front airbag

Fig. 57 Location and deployment zone of the front passenger front airbag

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

In conjunction with the seat belts, the front airbag system gives the front occupants additional protection for the head and chest in the event of a severe frontal collision. Always keep as far away from the front airbag as possible . This allows the front airbags to inflate fully when triggered, thus providing maximum protection.

The front airbag for the driver is located in the steering wheel A and the front airbag for the front passenger is located in the dash panel A. The airbag locations are identified by the text AIRBAG.

The areas inside the red lines B and B are covered by the front airbags when triggered (deployment zone). For this reason, you must never leave or attach any objects in these areas . The factory-fitted accessories, such as the base plate for the mobile telephone holder, will not be struck when the driver and front passenger front airbags are triggered.

The airbag covers fold out of the steering wheel B or dash panel B when the driver and front passenger airbags deploy.


Once triggered, the airbag inflates at high speed.


The front airbags are deployed in front of the steering wheel and dash panel .
Description and function of the airbags
First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings The airbags can protect vehicle occupants during frontal and side collisions by reducing their movement in the direction of ...

Switching the front passenger front airbag on and off manually using the key-operated switch
Fig. 58 In the stowage compartment on the front passenger side: key switch for disabling and enabling the front airbag on the front passenger side First read and observe the introductory informa ...

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