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Volkswagen Polo Owners Manual: First aid kit and warning triangle

Volkswagen Polo Owners Manual / In an emergency / First aid kit and warning triangle

Fig. 153 In the luggage compartment: holder for the first aid kit

Fig. 154 In the luggage compartment. A: Warning triangle under the loading edge, B: Warning triangle in the vehicle tools

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

First aid kit

A first-aid kit can be secured in the holder on the left in the luggage compartment (arrow).

The first aid kit must comply with legal requirements. Comply with the expiry dates of the contents.

Variant A: Warning triangle under the loading edge

Variant B: Warning triangle in the vehicle tools


In the event of a sudden driving or braking manoeuvre or accident, loose objects can be flung though the vehicle and cause severe injuries.
To ensure your own safety and that of your passengers, observe the following actions in the specified order : Stop the vehicle at a safe distance away from moving traffic and on a suitable ...

Manual opening and closing

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