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Volkswagen Polo Owners Manual: Engine oil specification

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

The engine oil used must correspond exactly to specifications.

The correct engine oil is important for the function and service life of the engine. A special high quality multigrade oil has been filled at the factory and this can normally be used as an all-season oil.

If possible, only use Volkswagen-approved engine oil . To comply with the requirements of the flexible service, only use approved flexible service engine oil that complies with the corresponding VW standard (). The engine oils listed are multigrade high-lubricity oils.

Engine oils are constantly being developed and improved. A Volkswagen dealership is always kept up to date on innovations. Volkswagen therefore recommends having engine oil changes done by a Volkswagen dealership.

The quality of the engine oil is not only tailored to the requirements of engines and exhaust gas treatment systems, but also to fuel quality. Due to the way in which a combustion engine works, engine oil always comes into contact with combustion residues and fuel, which has a knock-on effect on the ageing process of the oil.

The quality of fuels can vary greatly between individual markets and this must be taken into account when selecting the correct engine oil.

The use of engine oils compliant with the VW 504 00 und VW 507 00 specifications requires a fuel quality compliant with EN 228 (petrol) and EN 590 (diesel). Engine oils compliant with VW 504 00 und VW 507 00 are therefore unsuitable for use in a large number of markets.

  Permitted engine oil specifications   Alternative engine oil specifications
Engine type Flexible service QI6 (LongLife) Fixed service QI1, QI2, QI3, QI4, QI7 (based on time/distance travelled)   Only in the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Japan and Australia a)
Petrol engines VW 504 00 VW 502 00   VW 504 00
Diesel engines with diesel particulate filter VW 507 00 VW 507 00   -----
Diesel engines without diesel particulate filter VW 507 00 VW 505 01   VW 507 00
Autogas engine VW 502 00 VW 502 00   -----


a) Alternative engine oil specifications may only be used in fixed services QI1, QI2, QI3, QI4 and QI7, and only when fuel of a quality compliant with EN 228 (petrol) and EN 590 (diesel), or fuel of an equivalent quality, is available in the particular country.

Warning and indicator lamps
First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings Lit up Possible cause Solution Engine oil level is too low. ...

Checking the engine oil level and refilling engine oil
Fig. 136 Oil dipstick with markings Fig. 137 In the engine compartment: engine oil filler cap First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings ...

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